Project design, research, evaluation and impact evaluation 

EpiAfric provides health consultancy services that bring the highest level of expertise to conceptualise, design and evaluate health projects. We use quantitative and qualitative research to provide indepth advice on project performance. We also design data systems, and monitoring platforms for projects as well as provide analytical expertise to understand complex health impact. These services are provided for the public and private sectors as well as public/private partnerships. 

Our specific expertise ranges across the following:

  • Project/programme conceptualisation, planning, implementation and related advisory services
  • Project/programme monitoring and evaluation (baselines, midterms, post) 
  • Design and adaptation of data systems for health Information management 
  • Knowledge management and analytics solutions
  • Evidence based policy formulation and advice

Our forte at EpiAfric is using combining our deep understanding and knowledge of Nigeria and West Africa combined with our expertise in health project/programme design, planning, execution and impact evaluation to deliver high quality services. We perform primary research where necessary and access and present secondary data in formats, that are relevant and usable for our setting. In addition to our skills, our in-depth understanding of the local context and practical experience of the Nigerian health sector means that we take a distinctive, pragmatic approach to the unique challenges in this space. With our sophisticated range of tools, approaches and methods adapted for local use, we will provide the best resources and expertise and a competitive price. 

Reports of previous evaluations conducted:

  1. A Review of Community-based Health Insurance Schemes Lessons from Nigeria, Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa (Christian Aid)
  2. An Evaluation of the Maternal and Child Health Project of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P MCH)
  3. End of Project Evaluation of Christian Aid's Strengthening Community Health and HIV Response (SCHHR)