EpiAfric is a globally competitive, efficient, transparent and financially sustainable health consultancy group with head offices in Abuja, Nigeria. We provide a service of uncompromising competence, tenacious integrity, and an in-depth understanding of the Nigerian context. This is enriched by a culture of delivery from our international experience and underpinned by a socially aware ethos. Our initial focus is on the Nigerian health sector, expanding into West Africa.


Our services are offered in an ecosystem of four complementary areas of activity

Consultancy Services – primarily in strategy development, evaluation and implementation science. 

Courses and Professional Development – content development, bespoke and generic courses

Conferences and Events – from concept development, to curation and management  

Communication  – from concept development to design and implementation. 

Our services are targeted at five primary client groups:

  • Government institutions:  strengthening health systems by improving the quality of service delivery
  • Development agencies:  collaborating to deliver their programmes/projects
  • The Private sector: providing health sector project/programme design, implementation and evaluation
  • Health professionals: improving their competence in delivering health services and
  • Consumers:  stimulating demand for quality health services.