Health Journalism Masterclass


The key objectives are for participants to:

  1. Understand why well written health stories is important for yourself, your organisation and the public;
  2. Learn about the process and cycle of writing health stories;
  3. To understand how to grow a social media presence, while maintaining scientific credibility
  4. How to conduct thorough search on a health topic before writing;
  5. Appreciate the ethical and legal responsibilities of writing;
  6. Importance of creating networks of health experts


It is a focused one-day update course on writing for health journalists. This practical, case-oriented program will provide training for journalists reporting on health events and some editors. The short course will consist of pre-course reading material, baseline knowledge assessments, didactic lectures, interactive case studies, audio visual presentations and post course assessments. The purpose of this short course is to deliver a practical, interactive course in writing health stories. It is particularly aimed at journalists on health beats and others interested in health reportage. The course will enable practical understanding of the principles of the thought process for reporting health events for public consumption.


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