Patient-Centered Care


At the end of the course, participants will be better equipped with the skills and attitudes to provide high quality care that puts the patient at the centre of the care they provide. The key objectives are for attendees to:

  1. To develop an understanding of the concept of patient-centred care in the 21st century and its benefit to the patient and health care provider;
  2. To learn tools and skills needed to deliver high quality care;
  3. To understand the business imperatives in providing consistent patient centred care;
  4. To examine clinical ethics in the Nigerian context and its practical application to quality care;
  5. Understand the rights of patients, how to respect these rights as well as the medico-legal implications of poor patient care;
  6. To understand how poorly motivated staff, poor attitudes of health workers and poor customer relations contribute to poor health-seeking behaviour and poor health outcomes.


Organizing the delivery of health care around the needs of the patient may seem like a simple and obvious approach. In a system, as complex as health care, however, little is simple. In fact, thirty years ago when the idea of ―patient-centred care‖ first emerged as a return to the holistic roots of health care, it was swiftly dismissed by all but the most philosophically progressive providers as trivial, superficial, or unrealistic. However, around the world today the era of the health worker as a “lord” is over. There is increasing evidence that health care providers who put the patient at the centre of the care they provide have a unique comparative advantage. In Nigeria, the last decade has seen economic growth and the emergence of a more discerning middle class, who with access to the internet and global travel are demanding more from their healthcare providers. The future belongs to healthcare providers who recognise and respond to these developments.


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