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Health Meets Tech | EpiAfricWP


29-30 November 2018, Impact Hub, Johannesburg

2018 Infectious Diseases Hackathon

EpiAFRIC, PandemichTech, Tech Ranch, PharmAccess Foundation and other partners delivered the first hackathon in Nigeria specifically dedicated to infectious diseases. The Hackathon took place on May 18-20, 2018 at the Ventures Park, Abuja, Nigeria.

Health Meets Tech 2018

May 18 – 20, 2018
Ventures Platform in Abuja, Nigeria.

At the #HealthMeetsTech 2018: Infectious Disease Hackathon, health workers specialised in infectious diseases will work with developers from the tech ecosystem to develop solutions focused on Surveillance, Notification and Response to infectious diseases. Health workers such as Disease Surveillance and Notification Officers (DSNOs), State Epidemiologists, Immunization Officers, Clinicians, Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs), Laboratory Scientists, Pharmacists and Doctors working in various levels of healthcare delivery in Nigeria in collaboration with Tech and business individuals can participate. This 3-day Hackathon is designed by EpiAfric and PandemicTech in partnership with Tech Ranch, Nigeria Health Watch, Pharmacess Nigeria and Ventures Platform to create technology-centred solutions for health.



  • A call for Tech ideas that would improve prevention, surveillance, Notification and Response to infectious diseases across Nigeria. 7 Ideas(Teams) will be shortlisted to participate in the hackathon
  • Participants will apply as Teams of Not more than 5 Participants per team, participants must include at least one Health practitioner working within the Infectious disease space to provide team with context.
  • Teams will build financially viable prototypes of technological solutions that could be implemented in the health sector to improve disease surveillance and notification.
  • Prior to hacking, there will two panel discussions comprising of senior health, business and tech practitioners to further inspire the teams.

How to Apply

  • Participants will apply as Teams HERE.
  • Please Note you must set up a f6s.com account to apply.

Who May Apply?

Any team with maximum of 5 members who have a Health-Tech Idea on Infectious disease. Teams must consist of the following:

  • Health Professional to provides context
    • Disease Surveillance and Notification Officers (DSNOs)
    • Epidemiologists
    • General Health care workers
  • Software Developers, Designers


The preliminary rules of the Hackathon are as follows:

  • All participating Teams must include at least one Health practitioner working within the Infectious disease space
  • All participating Teams must register in advance of the event. Registration closes 1 month prior to event and registration on day of hackathon will not be allowed.
  • Use of existing technology will be permitted, but the technology must be at the developmental stage (i.e. prototype or earlier) and must not have generated revenue specific to solving the hack-a-thon challenges.
  • All project teams must be comprised of not more than 5 members.
  • No advance contact may be made with judges regarding projects, and knowledge of such communication may lead to a team’s removal from the competition. Teams will be permitted to work with project mentors in advance of the competition.
  • Solutions should be working demos and must be presented at the end of the event.

All solutions must have financially sustainable components.


Cash Prizes:

  • First Prize – N700,000
  • Second Prize – N500,000
  • Third Prize – N350,000

(40% of cash prizes will be given to the winners on the day of the Hackathon. 60% will be given upon completion of the incubator program)

Health Meets Tech Incubator program:

A 3-Month bespoke Health Meets Tech Incubation Program put together by our partners:

  • Ventures Platform
  • Digital Health Nigeria
  • Pandemic Tech
  • Tech Ranch

Program will include:

  • Ideation – This module is designed to introduce the student and potential incubates to what a start-up is. It will enable you will learn how to discover an idea, validate it and develop a testable business model around this idea.
  • Launch – After coming up with your business idea and establishing that this venture fits your values and it is something you would love to do/build. This module guides you on how to achieve a product-Market fit for your product/solution and begin to gain traction.
  • Grow – This module is designed to equip a startup with the fundamental skills, structure and know-how to sustain and scale its product/services.
  • Award-winning social impact entrepreneurship training from world-renowned technology startup incubator.
  • Access to International virtual ecosystem and mentorships.