Driving quality by creating demand 
Managers of health projects in Nigeria are often frustrated that their projects are barely recognised by stakeholders or clients. Communication of impact is almost always an after-thought, and often done in a standard “dissemination event”, with little thought given to how the communication goals will be achieved. Also health and medical issues remain a mystery to most Nigerians and hardly feature in the media. Most Nigerians, even from the upper and middle socioeconomic groups lack the information demand for quality improvement.  We believe that the major reason for this is a lack of usable information. There is a large information gap on health in Nigeria. 
  • We provide health projects and programmes expertise in health communication solutions. This includes using innovative approaches to communicate progress and impact. We develop strategies for communication including infographics, websites, and social media campaigns with a keen eye for the health communications objective. 
  • Supporting health programmes to achieve greater impact and visibility through communication solutions
  • Design innovative ways of communicating health messages
  • Websites, books, reports for impact 
Through our sister Not-for-Profit organisation, Nigeria Health Watch we have an email circulation list of about 20,000 health professionals in Nigeria, over 13,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook, the widest social media reach of any health organisation in Nigeria.